Tof-stew; or, Light Autumn “Chowder” (3rd guest post from The Husband)

Hello again, world.

Butternut squash "tof-stew"

After a few digestive episodes over the past few years, I was looking for a way to eat vegetables that sometimes give me trouble. The solution? Pre-mastication, of course, via a food processor: all of the nutrients but none of the roughage.

I was still stuck (in cognitive and not digestive ways) by what to include as an agent for attaining a consistency that was not mashed-potato-like. Cream or milk would usually be the preferred option, but then I searched around on the Inter-webs and discovered…

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What a Pear: Quakers Bring Together Two Butters from Either Side of the Mason-Dixon Line in Fraternal Complementary Peace

A special guest post from the expert on PB&J’s, The Husband. In recent weeks, I have even infected the devout chocolate-freak in my household to gratuitously dip into whipped Peanut Butter for snacks, while she is working from home.

Rice cake sandwich

However, today– five+ years since my last post– I do not write (merely) to brag. I, Matthew Greenfield, have today discovered a most delectable pairing/pearing that will make you pecan-can with joy…

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Delicious Baked Turkey Bites

Turkey bitesMy toddler was crazy about processed turkey bites from Target. I wasn’t thrilled about them, especially the sodium. So I experimented and created my own that she just loves! As do my husband and I.

The picture is from a slightly earlier, less amazing, batch, but you get the idea. I make them pretty small – one or two bites for an adult or 4-5 bites for a toddler.

Warning – these are pretty addictive… my husband, toddler and I went through most of a batch today!

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