Tof-stew; or, Light Autumn “Chowder” (3rd guest post from The Husband)

Hello again, world.

Butternut squash "tof-stew"

After a few digestive episodes over the past few years, I was looking for a way to eat vegetables that sometimes give me trouble. The solution? Pre-mastication, of course, via a food processor: all of the nutrients but none of the roughage.

I was still stuck (in cognitive and not digestive ways) by what to include as an agent for attaining a consistency that was not mashed-potato-like. Cream or milk would usually be the preferred option, but then I searched around on the Inter-webs and discovered…

Tofu in a food processor

Firm Tofu. That’s right, a whole block of firm tofu, with the water and all. Add in flavorings to suit your palate and/or spiciness threshold, and you have a pretty good “tof-stew.”

I tried this the first time with re-hydrated shitake mushrooms but this time, in honor of Autumn and the Jewish New Year, I used a baked butternut squash, half of an avocado, and a good quarter-jar of Terrapin Farms’ Apple-Horseradish Jam (when you’d like to ring in the sweetness of Rosh Hashanah while also being reminded of the bitterness of oppression come Pesach!).

I also added in a dollop of light sour cream, plenty of dill and garlic powder, and significant helpings of Tabasco and Ol’ Dirty Sheets hot sauce from Wooster, Ohio (the People of the Trees brand seemed an apropos choice, while we’ve got leaves on the trees).

Butternut squash going into the food processor

In short, this recipe is for cookers, not bakers: experiment away in the artistic and not scientific sense, and blend in dousings of favorite flavors until you find something that you like! If it turns out too fiery for Fall, you can always freeze it until Winter. (‘Tis the season for seasonings.)

Heat, serve, and enjoy!

Digestively yours,


The final product (with a few pumpkin seeds for crunch!)

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